Transition Town Peterborough - Proud To Be Canada‘s First Transition Town!

Fred Irwin, Founder

By tapping into the collective creativity of citizens, we can design healthier ways to live that recognize the limits of our planet.

Joan Michaels, First Director

The Transition Town model is based on permaculture design practices considered vital to the long term success of the movement.

Fred Irwin, Founder

Transition Town Peterborough was founded as a response to the triple E pressures on environment, energy and the economy.

Fred Irwin, Founder

We can‘t wait for governments. We need to act as a community now!

Michael Bell, First Director

Volunteers Needed

Transition Town Peterborough Needs Your Help!

There are many areas where your skills and motivation can help develop your community through Transition Town Peterborough.

Email us through the contact page if you are interested in volunteering. 


Here's some ways you could help:

  • The TTP board of directors needs more people with persons to take over the Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director roles.
  • The Greenzine is always looking for quality writers for articles. In addition we're looking for a few more people to help edit and manage the operations.
  • The TRI needs 3 more people to to take over or fulfil the roles of Director, Registrar and Marketing.
  • The Purple Onion Festival needs someone to take over the roles of Operations Manager and Parade Co-Ordinator.
  • The Heart and Soul group needs a team for event planning.
  • Persons to help out with the economic localization team.




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