Transition Town Peterborough - Proud To Be Canada‘s First Transition Town!

Fred Irwin, Founder

By tapping into the collective creativity of citizens, we can design healthier ways to live that recognize the limits of our planet.

Joan Michaels, First Director

The Transition Town model is based on permaculture design practices considered vital to the long term success of the movement.

Fred Irwin, Founder

Transition Town Peterborough was founded as a response to the triple E pressures on environment, energy and the economy.

Fred Irwin, Founder

We can‘t wait for governments. We need to act as a community now!

Michael Bell, First Director


We are each others salvation - Dean Koontz.

A community is not the sum of its parts but much more. It can be not only the way in which we live but the reason for living as it encompasses all of which we do and are. Transition Town Peterborough recognizes this and embraces the idea of volunteerism to enhance the quality of life and make it resilient and eventually sustainable. Without the many relationships both ongoing and yet to be formed TTP would not exist and so we say thank you to those listed here plus the great majority that for reasons unknown we haven't mentioned.


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