Transition Town Peterborough - Proud To Be Canada‘s First Transition Town!

Fred Irwin, Founder

By tapping into the collective creativity of citizens, we can design healthier ways to live that recognize the limits of our planet.

Joan Michaels, First Director

The Transition Town model is based on permaculture design practices considered vital to the long term success of the movement.

Fred Irwin, Founder

Transition Town Peterborough was founded as a response to the triple E pressures on environment, energy and the economy.

Fred Irwin, Founder

We can‘t wait for governments. We need to act as a community now!

Michael Bell, First Director


How do we significantly increase resilience while addressing fossil fuel decline and environmental degradation?

How does transition answer this big question? We've developed a strategic framework outlining the primary aspects of community needed to sustain itself. What we call Components of Resilience: food, water, energy, culture and wellness. Using Economic Localization to facilitate and energize all of these components to make a dynamic and self sustaining community.

Using this framework TTP's answer to this question is to create a coordinated set of platforms enabling the creation of new ways and methods of doing things in the communities we live in, new ways of looking at the situation we find ourselves in rather than a business as usual approach and eventually creating new ways of acting. Which will collectively bring our community into a more resilient and eventually sustainable future.

The resulting projects you see on this website are the results of creating the answer to the above question. Heart and Soul gives us collective guidelines to follow by enabling the spiritual aspect of our souls to allow us to embrace change. The Community Greenzine and this website provides a platform for collective knowledge where new discussions and ideas may sprout. Economic Localization provides us with the ability to take care of ourselves and knowing we are responsible for taking care of our community in the long term. The I Love Local Food brand, The Purple Onion Festival and Permaculture platforms provide us with a focus to all of our activities. A focus on, a celebration of and methods to grow our own food. In the future we expect to have more platforms open up with respect to other Components of Resilience. Last but not least is the effort for ongoing education to take us conceptually for here to there, our recently renamed Transition Skills Forum allows this to happen. These resulting coordinated projects or platforms leads to a collectively designed energy descent pathway.

Existing groups focused on furthering Components of Resilience within the community are approached in the hope of joining together to work towards common goals.

There are hundreds of cities and towns around the world, including close to 40 in Canada working with the Transition Town model which is based on permaculture principles and economic localization. We are all working together to learn and design our communities in ways that reflect the reality of our situation. We can no longer carry on with a business as usual attitude under the illusion that we are somehow separate from nature and not accountable to natural law.

The community recognizes two crucial points:
* we used immense amounts of creativity, ingenuity and adaptability on the way up the energy slope; there's no reason for us not to do the same on the downslope

* if we collectively plan and act early enough there's a good chance we can create a way of living that's significantly more vibrant and in touch with our environment than the oil-addicted treadmill we find ourselves on today

For an updated list of official Transition Towns worldwide, click here.




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