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The Kawartha Loon Exchange or KLE is the governing body for the local economic initiative using a local currency called Kawartha Loons. The KLE oversees an organized system of exchange between local producers, retailers and consumers primarily for life essential goods and services including food, water, energy, wellness and culture using the Kawartha Loon.

The KLE is one part of the strategic framework Transition Town Peterborough has envisioned for the City and County of Peterborough (the Greater Peterborough Area or GPA.) The previous localization document is here. This plan has included providing a communications platform in the form of the Community Greenzine, a buy local magazine and other TTP initiatives as mentioned on that website. The KLE is envisioned to promote and enhance local trade and an increased capacity for affecting positive change in the community. The KLE will itself promote a buy local permanent campaign geared to increasing the number of jobs in the local economy, with particular focus initially on the local, small, non cash crop farmer. A primary feature of the KLE will be the launch of a local currency called the Kawartha Loon or KL.

A local currency is defined here as an alternative currency valued in a regional area co existing with the national currency. Local currencies have been shown to increase the local flow of trade in a business area, build community wealth and ultimately create local jobs. The often higher than national unemployment rate in the GPA and the chronic inability of the community to provide meaningful jobs for its young people illustrate the need for innovative measures such as a local currency. The major employers in the area are the regional hospital ,Trent University, Fleming College and the City and County of Peterborough. Many of the areas high paid jobs in manufacturing have long since left the community.

The greatest opportunity to create new community wealth that supports new livelihoods and jobs lies with a strategy that focuses on creating a more balanced local economy between local suppliers of food, wellness, water, energy and culture. And global suppliers for the likes of cars, electronics and other non life essentials. Local currencies act as a catalyst to stimulate the local multiplier effect building community wealth. Keeping wealth in a community is one of the key foundations for creating a community where youth can stay in the community and find or create productive work.

The Kawartha Loon will launch initially in the City of Peterborough and will expand into the trading area of Peterborough County and the Kawarthas. The City of Peterborough while situated within driving distance of Toronto has no other large cities in close proximity and is often used as a test market by major product distributors. This relative isolation will give a local currency a large but isolated community in which to operate, with tourist support from Canada's largest city a day trip away. It's worth noting that local currencies can enhance the tourist experience and even attract tourists to the region.

The ability to re-spend the currency is predicated on a critical mass of members and the general public and so our plan focuses on a drive for membership with specific objectives before introduction of the currency.

The idea of a local currency is not new and in fact can be traced back to the depression era in Germany between the two world wars; as well as having numerous current working models throughout the world., including the USA with Great Barrington Massachusetts, Bristol England and here in Ontario in Toronto. Local currencies traditionally are a response to increasingly diminishing ways to make a living in a local area; such is the case in Peterborough. The Transition Network around the world is noted as an Economic Localization movement often supported by local currencies.

Founder: Fred Irwin
Founding Team: Michael Bell, Doug Wilson, Chris Bocking, Fred Irwin
Currency Designer: Randelle Pogue


Kawartha Loon Exchange
Board Of Governors

Michael Bell
Fred Irwin
David Green
Brooke Taylor
Derry O'Byrne

For all enquiries use: kawartha.loon.exchange@gmail.com 
To Contact Transition Town Peterborough use: ttpeterborough@gmail.com 

TTP mailing address is: 171 Rink Street Suite 166 Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2J6